Report on 7th Japan-based Research Meeting for the AIDE Project

We held the 7th meeting with the whole Japanese-based research team on September 1st,

The main item on the agenda was the stakeholder focus groups that we are now planning.  Focus groups are a qualitative research methodology where you ask a group of people who share certain characteristics (they are all patients or all doctors for example) and you ask them to discuss certain issues to understand their views or ideas. The aims of our focus groups are:

  • Understanding stakeholder attitudes towards the adoption of AI in clinical settings
  • Understanding the similarities and differences in the perceptions of AI in healthcare among different stakeholder groups
  • identify areas where further information is needed to allow stakeholders to make informed judgements about issues with AI adoption in healthcare.
  • Finding out stakeholder preferences for being engaged and involved in the development and implementation of AI in healthcare.

The stakeholder groups we will focus on are health care practitioners, patients and citizens, and AI developers.

In our research meeting we discussed the scenarios the UK team had created and whether there should be modifications for the Japanese cultural and healthcare context. These scenarios focusing on real-life AI healthcare technologies and their implementation will be the focus of the focus group discussions.

We will start recruiting in the autumn so watch out for our recruitment poster if you are interested in participating.