Bringing trust and acceptance to AI in healthcare

The AIDE Project is jointly-funded by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) in Japan and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in the UK. The full title of the project is: Ensuring the benefits of AI in healthcare for all: Designing a Sustainable Platform for Public and Professional Stakeholder Engagement. AIDE is an acronym developed from this title.

AI technologies are increasingly being introduced into healthcare.  At Osaka University we are particularly focusing on AI technologies that are being planned as a part of the AI Hospital Project. These include voice recognition technology for use in the emergency room or during outpatient examinations for instruction-giving and record-taking, emotion recognition for enhanced informed consent processes before surgery, use of deep learning networks to classify neurological disease sub-sets, and machine learning models for classification of x-ray images.

The AIDE Project aims to make a contribution to the development and implementation of AI in healthcare by creating effective involvement and engagement mechanisms that involve key stakeholders, including patients and members of the public.

We aim to develop a sustainable engagement platform that allows stakeholders to be informed about the changes that are planned and to contribute to the development and implementation of AI technology in healthcare.

The AIDE Project is a joint research project conducted between Osaka University and the University of Oxford.

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