Feedback from the AIDE Project Patient and Public Participation Panel on our Focus Group content

The primary role of the Project Patient and Public Participation Panel (PPIP) is to give us input on various parts of our project on healthcare AI. At the same time, the activities of the PPIP are helping us better understand how to create a stakeholder engagement platform to inform the development and implementation of AI in healthcare.

On Friday the 8th October we held our 5th PPIP meeting with the aim to get input on the scenarios and question we have created for Work Package 5 (WP5), focus group interviews with key stakeholder. We presented two real-life scenarios of how AI is being developed in healthcare and some of the focus group questions that we have developed. Working in two breakout groups on-line, we received meaningful and constructive feedback that will help us finalize the scenarios and questions for WP5.

We have been working together with the AIDE project PPIP for almost a whole year and the fruits of this collaboration were very evident to all in this meeting.