AIDE Project “Patient and Public Involvement Panel (PPIP)” Member Posts Symposium Report on Website

The AIDE Project is proud to announce the release of a report by Kosuke Ogawa, a member of the Patient and Public Involvement Panel (PPIP).

This report has been posted on the website of the Non-Profit Organization Myotonic Dystrophy Patients’ Group of Japan (DM-family).

Kosuke was introduced by DM-family to join the PPIP members of the AIDE project to learn about AI in healthcare and giving his opinion on the research.

Noriko Iwaya, representatives of the intractable disease support familia Yamaguchi (Nanfami), and Kosuke spoke as PPIP members at the AIDE Project symposium “Japan-UK Joint Symposium on Stakeholder Involvement in AI in Healthcare” held on March 22.

The report describes some of the research results of the AIDE Project, a joint project between Osaka University and Oxford University, and the presentations by Kosuke and Noriko.

Kosuke’s wife has myotonic dystrophy, and he works as an electrical engineer while taking care of her. In addition, he leads a fulfilling life, involved in the DM-family, and engages as one of the PPIP members of the AIDE Project.

We think this is a wonderful example of how the PPIP functions to disseminate information and inform other patients and citizens about AI in healthcare from a patient/public involvement perspective.

The AIDE Project aims to create a platform to promote better AI medicine by incorporating the opinions of these people leading ordinary lives.

Please read the report here.