AIDE Project PPIP member gives a presentation to the AI Committee established in SCRUM-Japan, at the National Cancer Centre East Hospital

On Tuesday November 21 2023, Ms. Noriko Iwaya, a member of the Patient and Public Involvement Panel for the AIDE project, gave a talk online for the AI Committee established in SCRUM-Japan, a project of the National Cancer Centre East Hospital. Her talk was entitled, ‘Emerging AI in healthcare – my experience participating in the AIDE project’. After the talk, Ms. Iwaya exchanged opinions with the Committee on the possibilities of realizing AI doctors able to focus on real-life problems faced by patients. Ms. Iwaya said that this opportunity emerged due to her previous participation as a speaker in the AIDE Project Joint UK-Japan International Symposium held in March this year and the responses she received from this.


The AIDE project will also be introduced by Ms. Iwaya to members of the Committee on the Quality of Healthcare and Patient Safety and the Research Support Committee of the Japan Primary Care Association by Ms. Iwaya in a second talk on December 4th.