Our Academic paper on PPIP activities is now available

An AIDE Project research paper entitled “Perspectives on artificial intelligence in healthcare from a Patient and Public Involvement Panel in Japan: an exploratory study” has been published in the international journal Frontiers in Digital Health. The research study was designed and reported by AIDE Project members Dr. Amelia Katirai, Professor Beverley Anne Yamamoto, Dr. Atsushi Kogetsu, and Professor Kazuto Kato, with the cooperation of AIDE Project team members and our Patient and Public Involvement Panel.

The paper reports on an exploratory two-part workshop conducted with the members of the Osaka PPIP in 2021, through which PPIP members were asked to talk about their expectations and concerns for AI in healthcare. We are grateful for the valuable contributions of our PPIP members to this study, and are excited to have their perspectives on AI in healthcare shared broadly with the academic community.

The article is available for free at the following link: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fdgth.2023.1229308/full