Sincere thanks to all of you who supported our team over the last year

In December, the AIDE project research team members held meetings with project stakeholders: with the whole Japanese-based research team online on 2 December, with the UK-based research team meeting at Oxford University from 5-8 December, and with the Japanese-based PPIP members online on 15 December. Our research team shared some of the early results of the focus group study with each group of project stakeholders, and received useful feedback on the analysis of the results as well as their thoughts, which is extremely helpful for our ongoing data analysis.

In reflecting on the past year and discussing future research plans with stakeholders, we realized how many people had contributed to the progress of the AIDE project. We would like to thank everyone who supported the AIDE research team, including focus group participants, for their support and engagement. Sincere thanks go out to all of you who supported our team over the last year.

One year remains until the end of the AIDE project. During the remaining year of the project, we will continue to conduct empirical research and publish the findings of the empirical research we have conducted so far. We appreciate your continued support and hope to keep you updated.