The project finish date has been extended to December 2023

Starting in January 2020, the AIDE project was scheduled to end in March 2023.

We are delighted to announce that both the Osaka and Oxford teams were granted an extension for the AIDE project by their respective funding bodies. This will result in the project continuing into December of 2023.

This extension will give us time to complete all the empirical work as planned. The research team is currently analysing the results of the focus group study with key stakeholders such as healthcare professionals and patients and citizens, which began in April 2022. The early results are extremely promising and we hope to be able to share some of them early next year.

In light of this extension of the project, we also invited the members of the Patient and Public Involvement Panel (PPIP) to continue collaborating with us for another year and all accepted. We hope to engage the AIDE project PPIP members in the ongoing and future progress of this project since working with them has greatly benefited our project.

Through until the end of 2023, our research team will continue to work on the design of a platform where all stakeholders can deepen understanding as well as exchange opinions and ideas on AI in healthcare.