Scaffolding stakeholder involvement and engagement in Japan: Presentation at Oxford Seminar

On Thursday 16 March 2022, at 17.00 pm UK time (Japan time: 17 March 2022, at 2.00 am), Professor Beverley Yamamoto, Principal Investigator of the AIDE project, presented the research activities and part of the initial findings of the AIDE project at the HeLEX Seminar Series at the Faculty of Law, the University of Oxford.

*HeLEX (The Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies) is our partner in the AIDE project.

The AIDE project research activities are demonstrating that PPIE (Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement) and co-production are feasible, beneficial, and productive in the Japanese context. On the other hand, while PPIE is recognised as important in order to include the voices of relevant stakeholders in AI development in healthcare, our research shows that stakeholders most likely to be engaged with are doctors, nurses or allied healthcare professionals. A limited amount of effort and expertise has been spent engaging patients and citizens in developing AI for healthcare, despite the fact that they are important stakeholders.

Professor Yamamoto argued that the AIDE project is part of the necessary infrastructure to build PPIE in AI in healthcare, but more needs to be done.

Following the presentation, Prof. Yamamoto engaged in spirited discussion with the audience. The audience asked questions about whether staff or managers in hospitals would embrace stakeholder involvement at a practical level, and what should happen in Japan in the immediate future to further promote stakeholder involvement. Audience members also applauded AIDE’s efforts to engage such a broad range of stakeholders, such as engineers and software developers, and asked whether the AIDE project has involved diverse communities in the PPIE contributor groups in Japan.

After the presentation and discussion, it was concluded that there would be much that can be learned from each other despite the different stages of PPIE in Japan and the UK.

The encouragement and advice given to our project team were greatly inspiring. Meanwhile, it was a wonderful opportunity to discuss important issues, especially how to ensure the PPIE activities include diverse stakeholders.