Members of our research team presented in a Webinar on ‘Patient Involvement in Policy-Making’

On 4 March 2022 (Fri), from 17:00 to 19:30, a webinar was held to present the research results of the Commons project (the abbreviation of ”Constructing a commons utilizing ICT to generate evidence for medical policy”, Principle Investigator: Prof. Kazuto Kato). Presenters and panelists discussed current results of patient involvement research, evidence-based policy making and implementation, and challenges of evidence-based medical policy making and implementation. (For more information (in Japanese):

Professor Kazuto Kato, Assistant Professor Atsushi Kogetsu, and Researcher Amelia Katirai, also members of the AIDE Project research team, presented their research findings. Professor Beverley Yamamoto, Principal Investigator of the AIDE project, participated in the panel discussion.

Throughout the discussion, there was a consensus that in the context of patient involvement activities there is a need to think about patient roles over and beyond narrowly focused clinical aspects to consider more broadly how patient involvement can contribute to priority  setting and the design of projects. In this sense, the value of the Commons Project is that it has realized a sustainable patient involvement platform, resulting in the creation of long-term partnerships and relationships for evidence generation. The importance of creating a sustainable platform to involve stakeholders widely in the field of medical research and healthcare was reaffirmed.

The AIDE Project aims to create a sustainable platform for stakeholders to exchange their views on AI in healthcare and establish long-term relationships.

As part of the next phase of the AIDE Project, patients, citizens, and healthcare professionals will be invited to participate in focus groups to express their expectations and concerns about AI in healthcare. 

Please join us if you have any interest in the development of AI in healthcare, in public and patient involvement, or in this research project (for more information:

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