Roundtable Meeting between AI researchers at Osaka University and University of Oxford: Experiences of developing AI tools in Medicine

On July 13th we held a small online Roundtable between researchers from Osaka University and the University of Oxford in order to explore the AI landscape.

On the University of Oxford site, we invited Professor Jeremy Fairbank, Emeritus Professor of Spine Surgery, Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics (NDORMS) and Dr Alex Novak, Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Ambulatory Care at the John Radcliffe and Horton Hospitals.

From Osaka University we invited Professor Ryo Kawasaki, Deputy Director, Artificial Intelligence Center for Medical Research and Application (AIM) and Endowed Chair Professor Department of Vision Informatics and Dr Norikatsu Miyoshi, Assistant Professor, Department of Gastroenterological Surgery. Project Leader of Osaka International Cancer Institute.

Prior to the meeting researchers Nisha Shah and Beverley Yamamoto created a report showing the types of AI being developed at both universities. Based on this shared knowledge, we had a lively discussion about how AI was affecting clinical practice and what specialisms were most affected. We also discussed who the key stakeholders are for us to talk with as we move towards carrying out focus group interviews. Finally, we asked if there were any issues, challenges, barrier to AI implementation that you think we might be able to address through the AIDE project. Everyone felt the meeting was incredible productive and we decided we would meet again further on in the project.