Introducing the AIDE Project at the Osaka University Anniversary Lecture Series!

Osaka University is celebrating its 90th Anniversary and the 100th Anniversary of the Osaka University of Foreign Studies. In May and June, it hosted a series of Anniversary Lectures with the participation of over 1,300 students from across the world. The UNESCO Chair in Global Health and Education offered a series of lectures showcasing its research in the areas of human and planetary health. The Chair, Professor Beverley Yamamoto, was joined by the AIDE Project’s Amelia Katirai to showcase some of the promise and issues around AI in healthcare, the importance of stakeholder involvement, including patients and ordinary citizens, and the steps that the AIDE Project team is taking to make this a reality.

In our final discussion session, one student noted that this was the first time they had been asked to consider the development of AI from a social rather than technical perspective. He said that from the talk he realized he needed to think about technology in new ways. Overall, we were inspired by the students’ passion for creating just and equitable societies, and their eagerness to “Live Locally, Grow Globally”—Osaka University’s motto!