Close collaboration between the two countries

The research teams at University of Oxford and Osaka University have been collaborating closely to move the AIDE project forward. In addition to regular meetings between team members within each country, team members from both countries meet online on an almost-weekly basis to discuss the progress of individual work packages. These meetings allow us to consistently share learning between the two research team. This creates a strong basis for our work to create opportunities for stakeholder engagement.

In the last week of March, two members of the Osaka University team joined two co-production workshops conducted with the PPIP on the University of Oxford side to create questions for stakeholder focus group interviews. Not only did this give us an opportunity to contribute to the activities and discussion, it will also allow us to carry out the workshops in a similar manner in Japan to allow for comparisons in outcomes. From the discussion with the PPIP members in Oxford, areas of interest for the focus group questions emerged that researchers alone may not have thought of. We plan to carry out the same workshop with the Osaka University AIDE Project PPIP next month.